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  • George D. Nassief
    In Memorium

    George D. Nassief was founder and CEO of the Nassief Auto Group.  He was a lifelong resident of Ashtabula. George started Nassief Ford-Mercury September 16, 1955 in Jefferson. Later in 1971 he added Pontiac and Cadillac and then expanded to Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and Chevrolet. Besides being a businessman George was active in various charitable organizations in the community. George was a big believer in giving back to the community.  George Nassief and his dealerships gained national recognition and he was awarded numerous trips for being top salesman and dealer. George treated everyone like he wanted to be treated, whether it was in business or personal matters.

  • Todd Nassief
    General Manager

    Todd has been with the Nassief organization since birth. Todd's hobbies are playing and coaching tennis and working out. His favorite food is whats on the menu at The Teryaki Man at Geneva-on-the- Lake. Todd's favorite vacation spots include Florida, Arizona or anywhere warm. Among his favorite sports teams are The Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and Ohio State Buckeyes. Todd is a graduate of St John High School and Elon University. Todd was just awarded the Herb Nold Volunteer of the  Year award for Tennis. He is very proud of the St John Boys and Girls Tennis Teams and the individual players that  he has coached. Todd is extreamely proud of the new Honda dealership in Austinburg and invites you to stop in and visit.  Todd loves to listen to books on tape because he states he reads too much at work.

  • Karrie Vargo
    Office Manager

    Karrie has been with Nassief Honda since September of 2004.

  • Kari Montgomery
    Sales Manager

    Kari has been with Nassief Honda since October of 1998. Kari's favorite hobby is playing on the Conneaut Pool League with her fave pool girls and enjoying 3 of the 4 Northeast Ohio seasons. Her favorite foods are those at holiday family dinners. Kari's most recent favorite vacation spot is Ireland. She takes great pride in rooting on her favorite football team- The Pittsburgh Steelers. Kari is a graduate of Edgewood High School. Her greatest achievement is her three weeks of vacation. Kari is proud of her family, husband and friendships. An interesting fact that Kari would like to share is that the sunflower is the only flower with "flower" in its name.  

  • Joe Streets
    Sales Manager

    Joe has been with Nassief Honda since August 2019. He previously was with Nassief Ford Toyota Hyundai since January 2013. Joe's favorite hobby is anything to do with sports. His favorite food is hot wings. Joe's favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas. He favors the Cleveland Indians as his favorite sports team. Joe attended Geneva High School and Thiel College. He considers his greatest achievement being 7 years with the Nassief family and counting. Joe is most proud of being a Dad.

  • Marianne Stone
    Finance Manager

    Marianne has been with Nassief Honda since March of 2019 after returning from a short hiatis from the automotive industry. Her hobbies include crocheting, cross stitch, gardening and going to the theatre. Marianne's favorite food is chocolate. Her favorite vacation destination is Vega$. She also hopes to go back to  Sweden someday. Marianne's favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Browns and The Cavs. She is a graduate of Andrews School in Willoughby. She considers her greatest achievements are remodeling her home, landscaping her backyard and even installing her own 6 foot fence with her husband ,Bill. She is most proud of her two grandchildren. Marianne is happy to back at Nassief Honda.

  • Robert Childs
    Parts/Service Mgr

    Robert has been with Nassief Honda since November of 1988. His hobbies include remodeling and designing his home. He also enjoys working and relaxing in his backyard oasis. Robert's favorite foods are prime rib and macaroni salad that his Mom used to make. His favorite vacation spot is Hawaii or any tropical location.

  • Amy Anderson
    Title Clerk

    Amy has been with Nassief Honda since February of 2009.

  • Susan Lazirko

    Susan started at Nassief Honda in May of 2018. Her hobbies include painting and scrapbooking. Susan's favorite food is cheescake. Her favorite vacation spot is Rehobeth, Delaware. Susan's favorite sports team is the Cavs. She is a graduate of Harbor High School and Ohio University. Susan is most proud of her Daughter. 

  • Tim Blough
    Parts Associate

    Tim has been with Nassief Honda since July of 1984.

  • Josh Pelcarsky
    Parts Associate

    Josh has been with Nassief Honda since November of 2016. Josh's hobbies include painting, drawing and collecting. His most favorite food is cheesecake. Josh's favorite vacation spot is anywhere that he can enjoy nature. His favorite sports team is the Cleveland Browns. He also enjoys Nascar (#88)  Josh is a graduate of Geneva High School.  He is most proud of his many completed art projects. An interesting fact that Josh would like to  share with you is the fact that he has been around car dealerships all his life and has been customizing his own vehicles for years.

  • Zach Lattimer
    Sales Associate

    Zach has been with Nassief Honda since December of 2016. His hobby is playing basketball. Zach's favorite food is  pizza. He enjoys vacationing in Georgia. His favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is a graduate of Pymatuning High School.

  • Cyndi Kelner
    Sales Associate

    Cyndi has been with Nassief Honda since January 2020. Her hobbies include spending time with family, her daughter Harper, and her Golden Retriever, Maddie. Cyndi enjoys hiking, reading, spending time outdoors and making crafts on her CriCut. Her favorite foods include Pizza and Buffalo Chicken dip. Cyndi's favorite vacation spots are anywhere warm, sunny and with a beach-even though she doesn't know how to swim! Her favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Cleveland Indians. She is a Geneva High School graduate and attended Hiram College. Cyndi is most proud of being a mom. An interesting fact the Cyndi would like to share is that it is impossible to  lick your elbow.

  • Joshua Conner
    Sales Associate

    Josh has been with Nassief Honda since March 2021. His hobbies include the gun range, most sports and video games. Josh's favorite foods are wings, pizza and tacos. Josh enjoys vacationing anywhere as long as it is with his family. His favorite sports teams are the Cincinnati Bengals, The Cleveland Indians and The Cavs. Josh is a graduate of Geneva High School. His achievements include getting married and becoming a father. He is most  proud of being the best Dad and husband that  he can be. An interesting fact that he would to share is that he loves his hometown and loves seeing people from here thrive and succeed .

  • Kevin Brady
    Sales Associate

    Kevin has been with Nassief Honda since April 2021. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, sports, and guns. Kevin's favorite foods are Chicken  wings and steak. He enjoys vacationing in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Kevin's favorite sport team are the Pittsburg Steelers. He is a graduate of Lakeland Community College. Kevin's achievements include O.H.S.A.A Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award recipient. He is most proud of saving money to purchase his first car. An interesting fact that he would like to share is that a dogs sense of smell is at least 40 x better than a humans.  

  • Tom Mullins

    Tom has been with Nassief Honda since August of 2012. His hobbies include dirt racing and fishing. Tom's favorite food is pizza. His favorite vacation spot is anywhere that  has mountains. Tom's favorite sports team is the Ohio State Buckeyes. Tom is a graduate of Geneva High School and the University of Northwestern Ohio.

  • Robert Talmo

    Bob has been with  Nassief Honda since April of 2013. Bob is a Honda Certified Technician.

  • Ryan McClure
    Lot Attendant

    Ryan has been with Nassief Honda since June 2020. His hobbies include Tennis and Golf. Ryan's favorite food is grilled chicken. His favorite vacation spot is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Ryan's favorite sport team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ryan graduated high school with honors and is attending Lakeland Community College. Ryan is most proud of overcoming ACL surgery. An interesting fact he would like to share with you is that he was the county champion for high school tennis in spring of 2020.