When it comes to advanced capability in a mid-size SUV, the Honda Passport is worth your consideration. It provides practicality, reliability and power, especially when having adventure rides. If you want an off-road experience with your family or a vehicle that can comfortably aid in your daily commutes, the Passport at Nassief Honda is a good fit.

The Honda Passport comes with a roof rail that can support most of your gears for your trips in Austinburg. It has a seating capacity of five passengers with a 50 cubic feet cargo space and 100 cubic feet when you fold the rear seat. You can therefore bring along friends or family during your adventures and also pack up your payload.

The cargo area also has hidden compartments under its bin that allow you to hide your valuables while travelling. With the power liftgate that activates when you wave your foot under the rear bumper, you can easily tackle loading all your cargo in the cabin.


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